I am born again

I am born again

Every creature including high intelligence human beings lives for a limited period. Of course, the life span may vary among them. Let us talk about ourselves as the most civilized creatures on the planet. Both birth and death symbolize the timespan we allowed to live in the three-dimensional world. When ‘I born’, indicates that I was given a chance to visit this world for some purposes. One may choose his or her purposes based on the desires which attached to the ‘I’. I am not alone! I am an amalgamation of a few existences. Spiritual leaders and psychologists would argue on the matter. However, my concern is on the essence of the combination and not with terms or quantities.

So, who am ‘I’? Religions taught me that I am actually a soul. Spiritualism teaches me that the soul is pure. So, good and evil deeds have not kept in the soul. My mind is working. The mind is responsible for all actions I have done consciously or ignorantly. The decision made by the mind can be reached by past experiences, emotions, and instinctively. From a spiritual point of view, the decision is swayed by Karma. Karma theory is one of the main pillars of spirituality. Of course, it is derived from Indian philosophy. The Western world has endorsed the concept because no theory has prevailed over this logical deduction.

The question is, how this Karma has shaped our lives? Is Karma real? Or are our lives brimmed with Karma? Oh no, Karma is not related to my religion. I am not under the surveillance of Karma. The term may differ in religious texts. But the concept is blended with human lives. People from all walks of life were confronted by fortune or misfortune from daily routines. If something benefitted us, we feel cheerful. Conversely, it might ruin the whole day or weeks to come. We may have at some time some goodwill arrive from unknown people. The same thing may happen the other way around. We all have undergone such experiences at some point in time. A normal person could not understand the reasoning behind the ‘pre-schedule’ occurrences.

Therefore, who or which is in fact, regulate our lives? It seems that our lives are not in our control absolutely. We plan one thing; in the end, something else happens. It works both ways, in favour of us or another way. If we expect the worse, it brings us a fortune. If one analyses the life, it goes into infinite designs. In the deep state of agony, an average guy might think that the rest of the world live happily and the almighty (some do not prefer God) act against him or her. Some lost faith in their religion or their dogma. At this juncture, we may assume ‘something’ ruin our life. Even poet Greg Gaul expressed in his poem “Verily verily you are not all alone. Unfairness has stayed with us….”. So, ‘unfairness’ does not attach to just poor people only.

Karma is an act executed morally or contradictorily. It operates impartially to every creature. Indeed, it is a divine law. There is no favouritism, no bribery, and no discrimination. The essence of Karma is to get back what we have done consciously or unconsciously during the life span. Every act comes with equal consequences. ‘Good to good; bad to worse’. Albert Einstein, the most well-known scientist of the 20th century has established the theory of cause and effect which identical to Karma Theory. Every energy created must be returned with the same force as a boomerang!

So, what is the connection with our life? Karma Theory tells us humans’ births are actual repercussions of their acts throughout their lifetime. A birth is premised on the deeds created in the last birth. Indian philosophy called it as the incarnation, and it continues as a chain. Does this chain of birth cease to operate? A big question. Indian yogis have answers and formulas to escape from being shackled in the life cycle.

Unless release ourselves from the endless journey, all of us carry on with incarnation. At the end of the day, the balance sheet of deeds defines the pattern of the next lifestyle. The life tour goes on until oneself get enlightenment.

So, I am born again!



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